Snowy day in Stanley Park

I thought I had missed all the snow this season while my wife and I were in Australia over Christmas and New Years (Blog entry to come) . Guess not. 

Late on Thursday evening, the snow began to fall as the latest BC Storm reared its head. Friday morning us lower mainlanders woke up to a fresh blanket of gorgeous white snow. 

I wasn't able to get around myself yesterday, due to my small sports car and lack of snow tires.  But it was nothing my friend Matthew's 4x4  couldn't handle. So he picked me up and we trekked out in our winter weather gear, with cameras at the ready.

I've always loved the falling snow, I find it so incredibly peaceful. I also revert back to being a child. Catching snowflakes with my tongue.  To be at the water's edge and the snow covered trails in Stanley Park, it was the perfect place to be. 

Turned out great, a little cold. But was fun. Enjoy the photos!