Under the Overpass

Hi Guys, 

 I've been fortunate enough over the last year or two that I've been very busy as a commercial photographer. I love it, I've been meeting so many people and working with a ton of different companies. Sometimes though it seems like the only time I get my camera out is for work or when my wife Linda and I travel. So one of the things I've been trying to be more conscious of is to work at creating more art. Going forward I'm looking into selling  more prints as I would love to share my art with more people.  This blog entry is about a series of images I created and how they came to be. 

It all started a couple of summers ago.  My family and I were going to a Night Market here in the Vancouver.  If you haven't been or know of it, It is a good sized outdoor market with lots of food and little knick knacks that one can buy. The night market is located near a junction Skytrain station. So we parked underneath this Junction, this overpass of Skytrain rails and as we were walking away it had caught my eye. To me, the three separate rails just had a very intriguing silhouette. 

This picture was from that that first night. I think I had wrote in my Instagram account when posting the photo that I would be back to shoot this with my dslr camera one day.  

So not exactly how much longer it took me to get back and take the photos but it happened late last summer. And I'm glad I did. There is just something about this large infrastructure. The design, the swinging shapes and the raw concrete texture that I just needed to capture. 

Here is the set of images that I came up with. I think with the blues and the contrast in the concrete anyone of these would be fantastic print. 




Thanks very much for checking out my Blog. I hope you enjoyed my art. Hopefully one day coming up I can get these all printed out nice and big.

If you aren't already doing so you can use the small icons on the bottom of the page to see my Instagram account. I try to add new images often. 


Lovely Children

Hi Guys, 

Been a little while since my last blog post. I've been lucky enough to have been very busy with tons of photography gigs since just before Christmas. I'll try and catch up a little bit this week. 

This was a session of portraits done for good friends of my wife's. They  have 3 of the most adorable children. Their mother was looking for some photos to be done for a Christmas card. I think some of you will have seen them already but I just wanted to share a couple of my favorites on here. 

As usual you can click on the images for a lightbox view. 

She has the most piercingly beautiful eyes. 

Love this photo of their youngest. 

Lady Killer already

Some funny faces. 

Thanks for checking in. Hope you enjoyed the photos. 


Parisian Adventures

With Paris being a center of attention for all the wrong reasons this past week, I was reliving old photos and the reasons I and many others around this world have fallen so deeply in love with the City of Light. I've been fortunate enough to have visited Paris twice in my life. The first visit while backpacking across Europe in '09, then again with my wife in 2012.  The Culture, people and food always amazed me during my visits. So vibrant and full of life. It's hard to resist as it draws one in. Being one of the epicenters of culture for this world, I have no doubt that Paris will remain strong.

What a beautiful city

Grand Carousel

Sacre Coeur

Winged Victory of Samothrace in the Louvre

The Eifel Tower light show

Amazing ceilings in Le Pantheon

Here lies Napoleon

I have a few more in the gallery below. Thanks for visiting. 

- Broda